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Cherry Lime Rickey

Created during the 19th century by George Williamson of the Shoomakers Saloon in Washington D.CMade with gin, fresh lime juice, and grenadine.


A Mexican staple. Legend goes it was developed by Michel Esper Jorge to help him recover from a hangover after a tennis match during the 1970’s. Ours has a peppery, spicy kick sure to wake you up. Made with clamato, lime juice, tajin, A-1, Valentina, Chamoy, salt & pepper. Served with your choice of beer.

Lemon Driop Maritni

The lemon drop first appeared on the scene during the 1970’s in San Francisco. Word has it, it was developed by an out-of-work Vietnam vet. We’ve made ours just a bit fancier. Made with Scott’s, triple sec, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Strawberry Smash

A light refreshing cocktail made with fresh strawberry puree, vanilla vodka, basil, and a splash of club soda.

Piña Colada

(available rocks or frozen)First created In the 1950’s at the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico after the invention of coco Lopez. Made with coco Lopez and pineapple juice.

Poolesville Irish Coffe

Made in 1943 at Foynes Point, Ireland for tired passengers whose flight to New York was forced back due to bad weather. Ours is made with Jameson, Baileys, coffee, and topped with whipped cream.

Dark & Stormy

Bermuda’s national drink. Its name comes from a legend due to the color of the drink. It is said “the color of a cloud only a fool or dead man would sail under”. Made with Gosling black seal Bermuda Rum, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer.


One of Cuba’s most popular cocktails. It popped up at Sloppy Joe’s, Havana in 1928. Made with rum mint, fresh squeezed lime juice, and club soda. Also available in strawberry, mango, passionfruit.


(available rocks or frozen)Meaning “daisy” in Spanish many theories surround who invented the margarita. All we know is that is was invented In Mexico between 1920 and 1940 and that hits the spot on a hot, sultry day. Made with gold Tequila, triple sec, and sour mix. Also available in strawberry, mango, passionfruit, guava, and […]


A classical spanish style punch. Choose between Red or White. ( Seasonally available frozen)